Bamberg County Hosts Thoroughbred Country Advisory Committee

Posted by 09/08/2017

Bamberg, South Carolina (August 2017) – On August 29, 2017, Bamberg County hosted the Thoroughbred Country Advisory Committee in Bamberg County Council Chambers. Thoroughbred Country consists of Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg and Barnwell Counties. Thoroughbred Country is one of eleven state appointment tourism regions. It began in 1980 in an effort to attract visitors to our region and is sponsored by the Lower Savannah Council of Governments.


Thoroughbred Country maintains a detailed website with information necessary to plan a visit to Bamberg County. The program also advertises in local and national publications, produces visitor guides, and presents information on social media sites. The Advisory Committee held its quarterly meeting in Bamberg County. Attendees included representatives from each of the four counties in Thoroughbred Country, as well as Bamberg County Councilmembers Evert Comer, Jr., Reverend Isaiah Odom, Joe Guess, and Trent Kinard. Each stakeholder provided the committee with an update for their particular area of expertise.


Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator, concluded the meeting by thanking the committee for holding their meeting in Bamberg County. He provided a brief overview of the completed and ongoing projects in Bamberg County. Preston then invited all in attendance to view the new Bamberg County welcome sign on Highway 301, as the project was the result of collaboration with Thoroughbred Country, Bamberg County, and Keep Bamberg County Beautiful. The new Bamberg County welcome signs have a horse pictured in recognition of Bamberg County as part of Thoroughbred County. Other welcome signs have a boat image, symbolizing the importance of water and recreation to Bamberg County.


“We installed beautiful new welcome signs on all major entrances into Bamberg County,” said Preston. “Bamberg County is proud of the progress made, but continues to look forward to future projects. Our relationship with Thoroughbred Country is vital to making continued strides in Bamberg County.”


For more information about Thoroughbred Country, visit their website: or find them on Facebook: