Time Capsule


As part of a dedication ceremony for the Bamberg County Courthouse Annex, to be held after the start of the new fiscal year, Bamberg County is pleased to announce the planned placement of a time capsule that will be opened in 50 years, during 2066.

This time capsule will feature a snapshot of life in Bamberg County during 2016. Memorabilia from current families, churches, organizations, and businesses will be included in the capsule, along with additions from community members.

Every item sent to Bamberg County will be considered for the time capsule, but because of space limitations, no guarantees are made that items will actually be accepted. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return items, so please do not send the only copy of any item. Please remember to send in family appropriate items. Items submitted must be smaller than 7”x9”, but please do not fold items to fit. If an item is oversized, and an archival alternate can be considered, please let us know by contacting Mallory D. Biering at (803) 928-4623. Any photographs submitted should be printed in black and white. If a digital version is available you may email it to bieringmd@bambergcounty.sc.gov, or call Biering to schedule a pickup.

Ideas for items to submit for the selection process of the time capsule include: 

  • Church bulletin

  • Current school report card

  • A 2016 class ring

  • Photos of sports teams / classes / families (all identifiable people in the photo must be correctly identified on a separate piece of paper)

  • Tax bill

  • Paycheck stub (Your name and address are valuable information for the future, but make sure your social security number isn’t visible!)

  • Receipt from the grocery store or gas station showing current prices of items (Please do not write on the receipts.)

  • A letter to your future descendants telling them about life today (Checkout the Bamberg County Website for writing prompts)

  • Business card

  • Brochure / magnet / pen or pencil / other small promotional item from your business

For further questions concerning this project, contact Biering on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm at (803) 928-4623 or any time at bieringmd@bambergcounty.sc.gov, or checkout the Bamberg County Website.

Bamberg County appreciates your consideration in this activity and looks forward to receiving your items. Please mail all materials, in protective, non-foldable packaging, unless otherwise planned with Biering, to Bamberg County / c/o Mallory D. Biering / Re:  Time Capsule / PO Box 149 / Bamberg, SC 29003.